Hi, my name is Jackie Gutknecht. 

It took me until my junior year of high school to figure out I had ink in my veins. I started my journalism career as most reporters do, at the school newspaper.

I attended Heritage High School (HHS), in Conyers, Ga. My junior year I was searching for an elective to fill my schedule and the school decided to give a student newspaper another chance. I figured I would give it a shot. See, 10 years prior to that, HHS had experienced a school shooting and everything changed. Security was tightened and the student newspaper was shut down. The school brought it back after one teacher begged and pleaded for the students to have this experience. Mrs. Julie Kimble forever changed the way I looked at the importance of news and reporting.

Flash forward to present day and I am still fulfilling my dreams of working for a newspaper. It is definitely where I belong. Since that fateful registration day when I was 16 years old I have had the opportunity to work for several publications, including The George-Anne at Georgia Southern UniversityThe Paper and The Times with Sagamore News Media, The Lake Oconee News with Smith Communications and currently with The Covington News with Morris Multimedia.

In all of my experience, my passion for journalism has continued to grow. I have found my niche in community-based journalism and I am excited to continue to build strong relationships and create interesting stories for the people in each community.

I am a die-hard Georgia Southern football fan;I drink my coffee cold, with too much cream and a little sugar; and I have a passion for getting involved in my community through volunteer work and outreach.

Please review my entire website to get a better taste of my experience and personality. My resume and portfolio are available for viewing and are updated periodically.